Video Endoscope INVIZ VUMAN RA-Y


Unique videoscope with interchangeable video probes up to 30 m working length


The VUMAN E3 industrial videoscope was designed from the start to meet the needs of long distance inspections with optimal performance and as little interruption as possible, it is the ultimate long distance videoscope! The VUMAN E3 has a unique range of functions that offer it a range of inspections far superior to any competing product.


VUMAN E3 key benefits:


  • Interchangeable Probes up to 30m in length
  • Different probe diameters (6mm/8mm/12 mm)
  • 4 ways pneumatic articulation
  • Remote Focus for crystal clear images (0.02 mm to ∞)
  • joystick control
  • Battery powered and portable
  • easy to use, simple to deploy
  • integrated control and documentation unit
  • Onboard solid state hard drive (10GB or 80GB)
  • Carbon fibre housing
  • NiMH (air transportable) Integrated Battery Pack
  • PPE / Glove Compatible Touchscreen Unit
  • ‘HOT SHOP’ Repair Facility available
  • Lifetime Warranty on housing and LED




VUSCREEN touchscreen

Le VUMAN est équipé d'un moniteur robuste, ergonomique et parfaitement intégré au système. En effet, il peut être rangé dans le boitier, puis vous pouvez le fixer sur son bras télescopique ou bien le porter avec sa sangle de cou. De plus son écran son écran tactile résistant de 10,4 pouces dispose d'un rétroéclairage LED, sa résolution est de 1024 x 768 pixels, vous obtiendrez ainsi une vision parfaite de l'application. Son utilisation est simple, intuitive et adaptée aux inspections longues et difficiles.





X-WAY Articulation

The exclusive X-WAY pneumatic articulation system allows 4-axis orientation (up / down / right / left) of all VUMAN X-WAY probes. Control the system with the joystick located on the VUSCREEN. No need for external air or gas sources thanks to its micro compressor.






VUMAN V3 probes

VUMAN V3 video probes have been specially designed for industrial applications. The range has been imagined in order to provide a universal solution to all current and future solutions. The video probes are sophisticated, interchangeable and at the cutting edge of technology.








Interchangeable Probe Concept

A unique function allowing to quickly and simply interchange the probes if your application requires the use of different diameters or lengths (very wide range available). This avoids having to carry multiple systems, ensures modular repair capacity and allows a very cost-effective solution. In the event of use in a contaminated environment (for example chemical, nuclear, food or pharmaceutical), this allows you to simply remove or discard the probe rather than having to clean or discard the entire system. 






Interchangeable video probes

Change the probes of the VUMAN® E3/E3+ industrial video endoscope easily and quickly thanks to the INVIZ® interchangeable video probes, even while using the video endoscope. A large number of repeat inspections will require you to change video endoscope probes frequently. Take advantage of the wide range of INVIZ® interchangeable video probes ranging from 6.4 mm to 12.7 mm in diameter and 5 m to 30 m in length.



The VUMAN E3 videoscope is the best in its class, and if you have either an ordinary or extra-ordinary inspection requirement, the VUMAN E3 is the product that you need to do your job quickly, easily and efficiently.  


The VUMAN E3 is specially designed for these sectors:





Technical data

Technical data and specifications of the videoscope VUMAN® E3
(VUMAN® E3 / E3+ base unit, INVIZ® interchangeable video probes and video endoscope accessory)









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