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Videoscope & Video Endoscope Repair Service
Videoscope repair service


Repair of endoscopes and videoscopes

We provide after-sales service on our range of FORT products within very short deadlines

Contact us and send your defective professional endoscope or videoscope to receive a repair quote or improve your endoscope to ensure better inspection performance and extend the life of the product.


Tel.: +33 1608 11818

Our technicians trained and qualified to use the products and to change INVIZ® spare parts under warranty guarantee you a repair and an economic and high-end improvement of your videoscope or inspection camera.




Short videoscope repair times


Quick repair of your videoscope and FORT rental service

Does your industrial endoscope / videoscope video always break when you need it most? We guarantee that your professional videoscope will be repaired very quickly, as well as a wide range of video endoscopes / videoscopes for hire. Take advantage of our advanced range of industrial video endoscope / videoscope for rent and our responsiveness.



Economically priced videoscope repairs


Cost saving videoscope repairs

Our technicians will check your video endoscope / videoscope for you. We repair / replace only the affected part of your video endoscope / videoscope. You will receive a detailed estimate in a short time and then make your decision. Sometimes a complete overhaul / conversion delivers additional performance and expands the application range. Minimum repairs with attention to flawless functionality upon request is also available.



High quality video endoscope repairs


High quality, lifetime and value maintenance

Our qualified technicians only use original spare parts from our own workshops. You thus benefit from an additional year of guarantee *. Our products and technology keep improving, we will use them to improve your defective products. We supply, develop and add new components and technology to your videoscope / professional endoscope / industrial endoscope / fibroscope / boroscope inspection camera. that we repair, we thus improve the lifespan and performance of your professional endoscope / industrial endoscope / fibroscope / boroscope / inspection camera. Manufacturing independence allows us to eliminate known structural defects in the product.



Video endoscope repair guarantee


3 months guarantee

A three month warranty * which is superior to most manufacturers. Thanks to management of advanced certified quality and the continuous research and development of our products and processes, we can offer you very high-end products and services. Our maintenance team is trained to be a repair officer in the nuclear environment. In addition, we monitor and meet the requirements of the following standards and regulations:




















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* Excluding wear and tear parts.