Company specialized in endoscopy

FORT is an endoscope manufacturer based in Dourdan, 50 km south of Paris. Specialized in visual inspection in the industry since 1981, FORT is a major player in non-destructive testing in the industry. In addition to marketing many visual inspection products, we offer many associated services such as a quality after-sales service recognized as the fastest in the market. We will also help you to better know the endoscopy or allow you to watch tutorials on a VUCAM industrial videoscope or by answering your most frequently asked questions in a FAQ. Discover all the news of the group viZaar and its subsidiary FORT, its history, its salons and the jobs in the endoscopy that it proposes.









Benefit from our after sales service

FORT Endoscope is specialized in the repair of endoscopes and endoscopic cameras, however, we only repair FORT or viZaar endoscopes. In the event of a technical problem with your endoscope, simply contact your technical sales representative to arrange a return. Our production manager will take care of an expertise of your endoscope to decide on the necessary repairs by often proposing a less expensive backup solution. Then we will send you a quote that you will be free to accept. The repair of the endoscope will be done in an average of 10 to 12 working days.







Discover all about FORT

Here we group the various manuals, brochures or FORT catalogs. We distinguish brochures, documents presenting a product or a range of products, catalogs, documents grouping together product families, such as the catalog videoscopes or the industrial endoscopes catalog (rigid endoscopes / flexible endoscopes). We go out or update regularly products, if you can not find the instructions for use of your product here, you can contact us via our mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 01 60 81 18 18. If a product you saw in a brochure interests you, you can call us to request a demonstration in your premises, our sales representatives are present throughout the French territory.










Years of experience

Practice using an endoscope with our video tutorials. You can view all of our videos on our Youtube channel. We can also send you videos on request to prove the effectiveness of a product or simply to show its functions. We know that videos are not always enough to learn how to handle an endoscope, and endoscopic tips are often needed to master the art of inspection. That's why we offer training to improve the use of FORT or viZaar endoscopic cameras or endoscopic cameras.










Our answers to your most common questions

Knowing the visual inspection and the endoscopy on the fingertips requires years of experience, even if you have passed all the diplomas related to non-destructive testing and are holders of the VT or VT II certification which is that of the inspectors and endoscopy controllers. We will also talk about the scope of our range by showing you the videoscope or the endoscope with the thinnest diameter or the longest endoscopic probe, which products are waterproof or comment on the maintenance of its videoscope. In addition, we will deal with optical adaptations, these small accessories to change the depth of view or the field of view in a few moments without having to change completely endoscope. We will answer all these questions about non-destructive testings with an endoscopic camera in this brief FAQ.






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