Tank / Vessel Cameras - RENTAL SYSTEMS

Tank & Vessel Cameras - Rental


Rent an inspection camera for pipes or tanks

Specialist in the manufacture and development of new technologies, FORT offers on its site a local service and personalized advice for the rental of videoscope or endoscopic cameras. We provide you with reliable and powerful inspection equipment to bring you quality professional solutions every day.


To offer you the most appropriate endoscopic camera for your activity and your budget, we take the time to define with you the most appropriate rental solution for your camera inspection project. More than a simple accompaniment, this approach aims to give you the means to be more efficient and more productive by using an endoscopic camera that corresponds in every way to your expectations.


Need help choosing your endoscope? Whether to avoid an investment too important for your cash or to take advantage of the best technologies, the rental of materials by FORT is a 100% personalized service that aims to respond positively to all your specific needs.


Simplify visual inspections of difficult areas by equipping an endoscopic camera rental. Inspect a pipeline, tank, piping or other cavity inaccessible to the naked eye with a high resolution camera. The rental inspection camera simplifies your production control and maintenance work.





A cheap visual inspection solution

Leasing is also an opportunity for your business to test professional camera devices before buying them. Industrial endoscope, industrial camera for pipeline inspection, rotating panoramic camera, you can rent a mini camera simply to take the time to test it and evaluate it before purchase.

In addition to the camera endoscope, we offer a range of industrial cameras for rent to perform inspection. Take advantage of a videoscope for rent to do video inspection, rental robot inspection or renting foreign material recovery tools.




Available 24h or 48h depending on availability

The INVIZ BIG, REVOLVER 80 or SNK 40x inspection cameras available for rent can be sent within 24 hours if you call before noon (at least 1 hour before the UPS courier passes). The average is around 48h for a standard delivery.






Tank cameras / pipe cameras for rent at viZaar AG



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  • Pan, tilt and zoom camera 1:72
  • 36x optical zoom
  • 100 ft. (30 m) / 655 ft. (200 m) cable
  • LCD control panel + text generation with position
  • Watertigth to 160 ft. (50 m)
  • Teach-in, 5° “Stop & Go”
  • 2 x 35 W, time integration mode
  • FBAS / S-VHS Color
  • 100 - 250 V(AC)


INVIZ Revolver 80

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  • High resolution main camera (>450 lines) main camera position 90° side view
  • Basic forward viewing camera, color, for proper navigation
  • Side view with 10x optical Zoom (46° - 4,6°Tele) Auto focus on / off for pipe diameter 3.15” (80 mm) to minimum 40” (1.000 mm)
  • High End S-VHS video out
  • Endless 360° rotation of the camera head
  • Perfect for radial weld and pipe wall inspections
  • Camera dimensions: diameter 3.11” (79 mm); rigid length 6.69” (169 mm)
  • Watertight 16 ft. (5 m)


INVIZ Pipe 30 m

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  • Working length 100 ft. (30 m) / head diameter 1.69” (43 mm)
  • Auto focus camera
  • LED illumination ring
  • Several centering devices, fiber push roods
  • Complete cable harness


INVIZ Pipe 200 m

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  • Working length 656 ft. (200 m) / head diameter 1.69” (43 mm)
  • Auto focus camera
  • LED illumination ring
  • Several centering devices, fiber push roods
  • Complete cable harness