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INVIZ Retrieval Tools Kits
Retrieval Tool Kits for Foreign Object Search and Retrieval (FOSAR) - viZaar AG

The Retrievals Tool Kits

Retrieval tools can turn an emergency into a retrieval triumph. Having a Retrieval Tools Kit on-hand during inspection procedures and maintenance overhaul outages should be standard operating procedure for all professional and responsible inspectors.





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Retrieval Tool Kit: Plan for the unexpected. Be ready for foreign object removal jobs.

Good FME (Foreign Material Exclusion) programs minimize FOD (Foreign Object Debris) but problems still occur and often at the worst moment... FOD can be almost anything, from a lost fastener to a dropped mobile phone. When FOD shows up results can be destructive, dangerous and massively expensive.







INVIZ Retrieval Tools Kit PRO

The INVIZ Retrieval Tools Kit PRO includes the full range of items, incl. INVIZ GR 8 and INVIZ GR 16 retrieval tools, complete accessory and additional tools.more+


INVIZ Retrieval Tools Kit STANDARD

The Retrieval Tools Kit STANDARD includes the INVIZ GR 8 retrieval tool incl. complete accessory and additional tools.more+


INVIZ Retrieval Tools Kit START

The Retrieval Tools Kit START includes all accessories and the additional tools, not incl. the motorized retrieval tools.more+



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