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Industrial Endoscopes by viZaar


Borescopes / endoscopes / fiberscopes for Remote Visual Inspection (RVI)


Industrial endoscopes are professional devices that allow you to simply observe all the deep cavities of objects, partitions, ducts, cables, thanks to powerful optical lenses (comparable to a high-resolution video camera).

Inspection of pipelines, tanks, detection of leaks, obstructions or defects in a cavity, the endoscopic camera facilitates the production and maintenance checks of competent technicians. For all professionals from the construction, public works, energy or industry sectors, the use of an endoscope camera solution brings a real complementary professional expertise for greater efficiency. and productivity.


What is the use of an industrial endoscope?

The video endoscope is a modern technological device that is both practical and easy to handle, it guarantees non-destructive control for industrial applications that are difficult to dismantle. Our range of industrial endoscopes offered on our site thus adjusts to all the requirements of professionals. Specialized in the development and manufacture of customized solutions, FORT brings technologies that adapt to all the needs and all the specific budgets of its customers.

From the boroscope (rigid endoscope) to enjoy optimal optical rendering for smaller budgets, fiberscope (flexible endoscope) that adds to the optical quality greater mobility and greater strength, you enjoy a multitude of quality solutions.

You have the choice to buy your endoscope on our site to benefit from the best quality / price ratio, or to take advantage of our endoscope rental service for occasional needs or to test our devices.

Need advice on choosing your endoscope? We recommend cameras adapted to your activity. For more support, our team of professionals advises you and directs you to the best endoscope camera solutions according to your needs. Complete your industrial endoscope with suitable accessories to customize your mini camera.

Want to do a camera inspection and video recording with another device? Discover also our range of videoscopes and inspection cameras.






Borescopes (rigid endoscopes) for Remote Visual Inspection (RVI)

Rigid endoscopes provide the best optical rendering possible. You see with the naked eye thanks to an optical assembly. Their cost is relatively low and presents an interesting solution for tight budgets. You can save photos and videos by pairing it with a camera and a PC.

Diameter: 0.7 mm to 12 mm

Working length: 29.5 mm to 1.025 mm






Fiberscopes (flexible endoscopes) for Remote Visual Inspection (RVI)

Flexible endoscopes allow you to go into applications with angles, inaccessible for rigid endoscopes. In addition, FORT offers nuclearized fibroscopes to inspect in highly radioactive media.

Diameter: 0.35 mm to 11 mm

Working length: 0.3 m to 15 m







Individual system for smooth visual inspection of serial components

For remote visual inspections of serial components one needs to have a steady hand. One wrong movement with the endoscope can lead to an unwanted collision with the lens system. In order to keep your inspection system physically intact FORT has developed the All-in-One test station vuDESK. The vuDesk comes with an integrated test device. The test object is simply plugged in.








HD inspection platform

The best HD endoscope (1920 x 1080 pixels) for visual inspection. You have the choice between two heads of HD cameras, the VUSCOPE (on the left of the photo) being compatible with our rigid probes, as for the VUHD-CAM it is compatible with all the existing probes. You can connect it to a monitor, a computer and even save your TV inspection data to a USB stick.









Industrial endoscope light sources for Remote Visual Inspection (RVI)

Lack of light in some applications that are too deep or too dark often prevents you from performing a visual inspection. This is why FORT offers light sources to connect to your professional endoscope to perform quality non-destructive testing with an image with excellent rendering thanks to your application has been perfectly illuminated.








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