Video Endoscope INVIZ DE 2.4 / 4.0

Video endoscope VUFLEX for heat exchanger inspection - FORT


Video endoscope VUFLEX

The video endoscope VUFLEX with a 2.4 mm video probe head and high power LED illumination for remote visual inspections of heat exchagers, turbines and steam generators.


Remote Visual Inspection in:


The world's slimmest video endoscope

Using the latest LED technology, broken fiber glasses are history with the VUFLEX system. Through the activation of turbo mode 25 and more lumen make it possible to inspect even 4" / 100mm internal diameter. Two different light optimized available optics (100° FOV und 60° FOV) are the basis for a perfect inspection. The picture quality impresses with color fidelity, sharp contrast and freedom from noise!

With a width of only 2.4 millimeters the VUFLEX inspection camera can be easily guided through narrow tube lanes, as they are encountered in nuclear steam generators (including Siemens KWU type) or even in conventional heat exchangers.

The world's slimmest VUFLEX camera system allows a variety of inspections in the smallest spaces. Never before with this small design such a high resolution has been reached! Our design has ensured that a hand-inspection as well as work with manipulators is possible.

Alternatively, the higher resolution VUFLEX system is available with a length of up to 15 meters. The optics can be adjusted by ±30° depending on the application. In addition the tools for external parts recovery can be integrated in the VUFLEX.

Control Unit
Power Supply 96-256VAC 50/60Hz
Dimensions Standard: (W) 260 mm x (L) 205 mm x (H) 45 mm
Control Options Illumination, white balance
Video Outputs Composite VBS, S-VHS (Y/C) out, NTSC or PAL (depends on camera)
Options Digital output for INVIZ LCD image recorder
Other 19" version available The CCU suppotrs only DE 2.4 / 4.0 cameras
Video Endoscope Camera VUFLEX 2.4
Video PAL video 380 TV lines / 290.000 pixel
NTSC video 330 TV lines / 250,000 pixel
Optic 100° FOV Standard optics, 3 mm to 200 mm fixfocus. optional: 60° Teleoptic (not changable).
Recommended Usage Instructions Using with 14” CRT monitor, 100° FOV: 10x / 20 mm distance
Illumination 2 high performance white light LEDs optional: Fiber and LED illuminaton for the enhancement of luminous intensity
Dimensions Width: 2.40 mm (± 0.03 mm), other versions are available on customers request
Water Resistance 0,1 bar / 1,45 psi
Video Endoscope Camera VUFLEX 4.0
Video PAL video 470 TV lines / 440.000 pixel (H752xV582)
NTSC video 460 TV lines / 380.000 pixel (H752xV582)
Optic Adjustable focus, 60° FOV, 3 mm to infinite, typical working range 8 mm to 100 mm. Viewing direction adjustable by ± 30°.
Recommended Usage Instructions Using with 14” CRT monitor, 60° FOV: 18x / 20 mm distance
Illumination Identic DE 2.4 version, no fiber illumination possible
Dimensions Width: 4.0 mm (± 0.05 mm), Other versions are available on customers request
Water Resistance 0.5 bar / 7.5 psi
Other 2.1 mm drilling for the use of external parts recovery tools
Working length Standard 2 meter, extension up to 5 meter possible
Lead 2.5 meter PU coated, extension up to max. 10 meter (DE 2.4) or 15 meter (DE 4.0) complete length possible
Driving Belt Open and flexible installation band with regular rectangular recesses for a reliable feed through a (not included) motor drive unit. Through the optimal fiber glass epoxy reinforcement in the inner of a belt , there is a safer and simple operation ensured without manipulator and without kinking during the operation.
Environmental Conditions / Memory
Operating Conditions of Camera -25°C to 65°C LED head | -25°C to 80°C without LED
Operating conditions of control unit -20°C bis 45°C
Gamma / Neutrons - strength This value is not specified due to the partly large lifetime deviations. The value is within the average of semiconductor.

All specifications are subject to change without notice due to technical progress.