Tank & Vessel RVI

Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) in tanks & vessels



The CND control of tanks, reservoirs or containers requires a lot of light because they are large containers deprived of light. In addition the optical quality must be optimal, because unlike the endoscopy of small pipes, you must see the element to be inspected at a great distance




The importance of light in endoscopy

In areas as large and dark as the tanks, it is absolutely necessary to have a lot of light in order to be able to see details precisely even from a distance. Our endoscopic cameras are very powerful and allow to obtain a light similar to that of day.






The importance of zooming and rotating the camera

In order to facilitate your CND control, it is very useful to have essential functions such as a very powerful optical zoom as well as an industrial camera which can turn easily on itself. This is why we offer an x40 optical zoom on the SNK 40x endoscopic camera or an endless 360 ° rotation on the head of the REVOLVER 80 camera.









NDT control of tanks, reservoirs and containers

  • Tank inspections petrochemistry / petrol and gas stations
  • Chemical plants
  • Fuel tanks
  • Silo vehicles
  • Production plants pharmaceutical industry
  • Food industry
  • Recurring inspections





Video endoscopes for tanks and containers

Thanks to this camera specially developed to inspect the walls of large volumes tanks or reservoirs, you will gain in ergonomics of work in particular thanks to the MATRIX E3 documentation platform which allows you to control the endoscopic camera remotely. In addition, its x40 optical zoom will be very useful for precise reports.

If you need to orbit the app, then use the REVOLVER 80's endless 360 ° camera head or the x10 optical zoom. Also use automatic leveling and position recording for better quality inspection.

Pour l'inspection de larges tuyauteries, la caméra pour tuyaux INVIZ PIPE peut s'avérer très efficace grâce à son éclairage LED puissant et sa mise au point automatique. Enregistrez vos photos au format JPEG et vos vidéos en format MOV.

The must of videoscopes! Use a VUMAN E3 endoscope to inspect pipes up to 30 m long and record all your files on its 80 GB hard drive. Its 4-axis articulated probe and its measurement function will allow you to carry out perfect inspections!

Its 29 mm diameter probe can measure up to 200 m and will be very useful for checking CND of very long pipes. Connect it to the MATRIX E3 inspection system to view the inside of your pipe live and thus carry out image processing or even add an audio commentary.

Our best seller will help you carry out your NDT checks in an ergonomic way. This portable industrial video endoscope allows you to view up to 6.6 m or more on request. Don't forget that we are the specialists in tailor-made endoscopy!

Thanks to this gripper, you can recover lost objects at the bottom of a tank without any worries. Foreign body recovery is also a FORT specialist. This motorized clamp is controlled from a small, very easy to use command.







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