Nuclear RVI

Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) in the nuclear industry





Choosing the right endoscopy equipment for nuclear

Looking for an industrial visualization solution? Do you want a powerful solution for endoscopy in the nuclear sector? FORT, an expert in endoscopic equipment, offers solutions for all sectors of activity such as industry or the nuclear sector. Visual inspection and selection of the right visualization equipment makes it easier to detect problems or risks of accidents.


The role of endoscopy on a nuclear plant

More than any other industrial facility, nuclear power is probably the one that requires the most controls because of the risks that fall on this sector. Nuclear safety is the main priority of the operator of a nuclear site such as a nuclear power plant. Indeed, the level of requirements is very high with permanent controls by technicians and engineers and also by independent organizations such as the Nuclear Safety Agency.

Each of the professionals and auditors must be able to have at their disposal specific visualization tools in order to better protect the environment and the population against cracks and other damage caused by time. In order to control the nuclear sites and the most dangerous areas for humans, it is possible to equip with a tank camera, a videoscope or a tool for recovering objects and foreign bodies. All these visualization or recovery tools are intended to provide non-destructive testing solutions to regularly and effectively control all areas of a nuclear site, by nature extremely sensitive.



What are the areas to be inspected in the nuclear industry

The nuclear industry is very sensitive and requires regular monitoring of facilities to prevent many risks. With important issues, you have to use important means of control. Visual inspection needs are common.






  • Vessel and boiler inspection
  • Steam generator inspection
  • Reactor pressure vessels and internals
  • Fuel assembly inspection
  • Core inspections
    and handling fuel element shipping container
  • Remotely operated manipulators
  • External part retrieval / cleaning
  • Pressure vessel inspection
  • Cooling system inspection


Recommended videoscopes