Industrie Komplettlösungen von viZaar AG

VUDESK – All-in-one test station for visual inspections

The innovation for smooth visual inspections of serial components

Inspecting serial parts requires precise know-how. A single wrong movement with the endoscope can be enough to damage the lens. In order to keep your inspection systems intact, viZaar has developed the VuDesk all-in-one station. The VuDesk is delivered with an integrated test device. The part to be tested is simply positioned. The test position and the test depth are calibrated. This will keep the endoscope in the best axis during the entire testing phase.






Industrie Komplettlösungen von viZaar AG


Non-contact inspections

Avoid contact between the lens system and the part to be tested thanks to the calibrated position of the endoscope. Guarantee the reproducibility of your non-destructive endoscope tests.







Ergonomic hazards out of the workplace

VuDesk places the user at the center of visual inspection. Freely adjust the working height for more comfort and ergonomics. Know that this endoscope inspection station is entirely tailor-made, communicate your inspection needs and we will provide you with the perfect system.







Create your own inspection system

Adapt your position according to your needs and specifications. Choose and modify the lighting, the support of your monitor, the bulletin board, the cable passages or the lockable drawers. Freely adjust the working height for more comfort and ergonomics.





Industrie Komplettlösungen von viZaar AG


Changing device for best comfort and speed

Switch from one endoscope to another in the blink of an eye thanks to the change device. Many industrial endoscopes are available in our catalog. Our design office can also design tailor-made boroscopes to best meet your NDT control needs.








Industrie Komplettlösungen von viZaar AG


Documentations with MATRIX E3

Create photo / video files using the MATRIX E3 platform for visual inspections (IVR) including a 10.4 inch LCD monitor and a touch screen. Gather any endoscope inspection photos or videos into folders to then create inspection reports. Also take advantage of the many functions of the MATRIX E3 system such as the measurement function which is very useful or even image processing functions such as zoom or rotation.