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Color temperature, light intensity and light guidance are important selection criteria based on purchase and maintenance costs. Light guides connect the light source with the industrial endoscope (borescope). Flexible, straight or elastic light guides enable exact illumination. Furthermore, we provide you with a wide range of endoscope and borescope accessories for your Remote Visual Inspection (RVI).






Light source for industrial endoscopes

This light source is perfect for nuclear remote visual inspections or for any inspection in harsh environments because we have designed this product without fan in order not to get radioactive particles or any particles inside the light source. Besides its robustness to industrial constraints, its long lifetime LED and its high power ensure a rare durability in this kind of sector. The LUMLED is equipped with a fuse in order to improve the security in case of short-circuit.






Light source for industrial endoscopes

High durability and the low maintenance make LEDs to the next generation technology even in endoscopy. The LUMLED 4000 has this technology. Due to the low power consumption of LEDs the LUMLED 4000 is a cost-saving solution in operation and still much brighter than a conventional 150 W halogen light source. The long lifetime of LEDs avoid time-consuming and expensive bulb exchanges.

By the use of color filters and therefore the adaption of the color temperature, the light can be adjusted to the individual requirements of the application area. Brightness and other operating parameters are shown on the integrated display. Because of the technical and physical characteristics, the LUMLED 4000 is versatile and allows the use also in confined spaces.

The robust and impact-resistant housing is optimized for the use in an industrial environment. Due to the low heat generation there is no thermal load of the fiberoptics and the environment; the use in a laboratory environment is possible.






Light source for industrial endoscopes

The LUMLED 7000 LED has the latest LED technology. This light source is much brighter than a 180 Watt Xenon light source and benefits from a maximum life time, modern technology and easiest handling.

The use of a LED module allows an extremely long life time without any expensive or time-consuming bulb exchange. Additionally power consumption is highly reduced due to the LED technology. This makes the LUMLED 7000 LED very efficient and economical in use. Due to the technical and constructional characteristics this light source can be used everywhere and versatile.

Its compact design allows the use also within constricted areas. The robust and impact-resistant housing has been specially for rough industrial environments. Brightness and all further operating parameters are shown on the integrated high-contrast display.






Light source for industrial endoscopes

The LUMLED HANDLE light source is a mains-independent, battery operated handheld light source for borescopes with common light guide connections according to DIN 58105. The light intensity can be adjusted with a button on the front side of the handle. The integrated LED module provides maximum light efficiency with low power consumption. The direct connection to the borescope leads to increased light output. Easy operation due to compact and ergonomic profile. Suitable for rough environment because of its robust design and long-lasting LED technology. The LUMLED HANDLE light source is a mobile plug & play solution. It can be operated with commercial rechargeable batteries.









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