Endoscope HD ultra compatible

The VUVISION is a modern visualization system suitable for many applications such as component inspection (except steel, aluminum or synthetic). Using this professional endoscope will greatly facilitate your difficult inspection. Inspection of complex components with numerous holes such as molded parts or hydraulic and pneumatic components becomes faster, simpler and more accurate. Experience inspection with rigid, semi-flexible and flexible endoscopes at the highest level. Using state-of-the-art technology, Full HD resolution, and many tuning options, the VUVISION system offers the complete solution for visual inspection (VT) with conventional boroscopes and fiberscopes. Whether you want to integrate your existing endoscopes with the VUHD-CAM or set up a new inspection workstation with the most demanding ergonomic requirements thanks to the VUSCOPE, the VUVISION system can visualize even the smallest hardware errors and of treatment thanks to the FULL-HD resolution. Thanks to various adjustment options, the system can be optimally adapted to the endoscope used. Choose from the default settings for standard scopes or configure the settings yourself to always get the best inspection result. When using flexible endoscopes, you benefit from the removal of the pattern, which minimizes the "facet effect" between the fiber guides. Other features such as contour enhancement, digital zoom, rotation and image symmetry allow you to achieve the perfect inspection result.




Compatible with all endoscopes

  • Outstanding inspection results in HD quality when combined with HD compatible endoscopes
  • Compatible with all boroscopes and fiberscopes with a DIN eyepiece
  • Compatible with all endoscopes available on the market
  • Easy to use thanks to the buttons on the camera head
  • Ready to use (saving time) thanks to the possibility of presetting the basic unit of the camera for different types endoscopes







Rigid high-definition probes

  • Plug & play: easy probe exchange with fast coupling mechanism, ideal for variable inspection tasks
  • Existing FSC-2 probes can still be used
  • Possibility of many ranges of probes and probes specific to the customer
  • Ideal for applications in the diameter range ≤ 4 mm
  • Integrated LED technology in the handpiece, no separate light source required
  • Practical design for precise and delicate control during inspection
  • Low tracking costs when switching to new applications as it only remains to buy probes


Compact and user-friendly

The VUVISION inspection system is a high resolution endoscopic camera for indirect visual inspection in production or maintenance. Unlike conventional industrial cameras, it offers a very high resolution in Full HD (1920 x 1080p). Thus, small defects such as cracks, scratches or burrs in the components can be easily identified.








Suitable and adaptable

  • Low operating costs thanks to modular design with interchangeable probes for different inspection tasks
  • Flexible probes for finest holes or for limited access
  • Robust and semi-flexible probes for the inspection of straight bores
  • Rigid probes for direct access and high image quality
  • Probes with different directions of view



Technical data
Control panel White balance, GAIN (3 presettings), window function (4 presettings), ON/OFF switch, LED brightness control
Video output 2x DVI, 2x HD-SDI, 2x 3,5mm jack plug for foot switch
Advanced software features Selective colour enhancement, smoke reduction
Mains supply 100 - 240 V AC, max. 0.5 A, 50/60 Hz
Front connections socket for connection devices, socket for USB stick
Operating elements on/off switch, menu, menu navigation, brightness
+/-, photo, white balance
Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 169 x 62 x 247 mm (W x H x D)







VUVISION for Remote Visual Inspection  (RVI)

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