Corporate history



The success story of a french society with a strong european identity.

  • Mario Fort arrived in Dourdan from his native Catalonia and he founded a society called "Les Éditions Filmées". After he bequeathed it to his son François, the latter renames it doing a play on words with his name "Fibres Optiques Recherche et Technologie". This is how began FORT's history...





Les Éditions Filmées

Mario Fort, fresh out of Catalonia, created the company "Les Éditions Filmées" in Paris on June 8, 1938, specializing in the production of educational films using fixed cameras.










A new CEO

François Fort succeeded to his father the 1st of January, he became the CEO of Éditions Filmées. Mario became the chief executive and remained it until 1977.










The shift of activity

"Les Éditions filmées" started to produce their first fiber optics for transmission and information to couple differentials and significant potentials. Common patent : EDF / FORT. They are then the pioneers of fiber optics in France!






Foundation of FORT SA

François Fort officially changes "Les Éditions Filmées" into "Fibre Optique Recherche et Technologie" the 10th of December. Just for the anecdote, the fact that the acronym FORT perfectly matches with the CEO's family name is not a coincidence. This acronym is still used nowadays, even if FORT manufactures more videoscopes than fiber optics, because is FORT's identity. FORT SA is therefore an endoscope manufacturer since 1981.







RIgid video endoscope with camera integrated

FORT launches a rigid video endoscope with a camera inside the endoscope. It also has an image flip.





GOLD fiber optics

Development of the fiber optics GOLD : completely watertight, etc.








Video endoscope CCD Distale

The CCD allowed to get an video image created with colors with a high quality and contrast. It was also possible "to freeze the image" on the screen, and its mechanics made the CCD Distale completely watertight and robust.







FORT receives the "micron d'or"

FORT's company is awarded of the micron d'or for a micro camera.









Buy-out of FORT by viZaar

Founded in Germany in 1997, viZaar is the specialist in development of video endoscopes, manufacture of video endoscopes and repair of videoscopes, video endoscopes, borescopes, flexible borescopes and endoscopes.







Launching of the portable videoscope VUCAM XO

The cooperation between viZaar and FORT allowed the development of the videoscope VUCAM XO. Now, it is one of our key products, we always receive good feebacks from our customers who appreciate this robust and portable videoscope with a modern GUI.






VISIO inspection range

FORT developped the VISIO  range composed of 3 products : the multimedia VISIO DOC documentation system, the VISIO BOX processor and the VISIO P2 inspection probe. Various diameters and lengths are available for the VISIO P2, they are fully compatibles with the VISIO DOC and the VISIO BOX.







VUCAM AM industrial videoscope

The automotive sector has its own requiremnets, this is why viZaar has developped the VUCAM AM (for Automotive), a new version of the VUCAM XO but with a 4 mm diameter.








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