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FORT Endoscope is a French manufacturer of industrial endoscopes, tank cameras and video endoscopes since 1981. We are part of the German group viZaar, also manufacturer of professional endoscopes, and we thus benefit from the German quality that we go to our French know-how. Our products are made in France or made in Germany and are handcrafted in our premises or in the German premises of viZaar which explains the quality of our products. The strength of FORT Endoscope is its flexibility, indeed, where all the other manufacturers will refuse you certain inspection projects that would make them waste too much time, we will accept them because we are more of an inspection partner for our customers than a simple supplier of industrial endoscopes.


Thanks to an industrial video endoscope, you will be able to access very inaccessible zones in order to have a non-destructive control of your installations. The ability to record images, remotely tune or double LED lighting are highly appreciated by professionals. Save money by purchasing a videoscope with interchangeable probes and change the diameter and length of your endoscope in one click.

Inspection camera

A FORT endoscopic camera is the best way to visually control an industrial production line or industrial facility. It's easy to perform tank video inspection, tank video inspection and pipe inspection with advanced features such as x40 zoom or 360 ° endless rotation. You can handle them remotely with the MATRIX E3.

Industrial endoscope 

An industrial endoscope makes it possible to quickly and clearly visualize the applications most difficult to access thanks to very powerful lenses. This makes it possible to carry out non-destructive inspections in the pipes or mechanical parts to ensure maintenance. We distinguish fibroscopes (flexible endoscopes) from boroscopes (rigid endoscopes).

Retrieval tools 

A recovery tool makes it possible to collect foreign bodies without dismantling the pipes, a tank or any other area that is difficult to access. The retrieval tools can be recovery clips, lassos recovery, recovery magnets ... Use an inspection camera to perfectly visualize the object to retrieve.

Visualization systems

When only an endoscopic video probe is available, the signal must be transformed through a video processor or a complete videoscope system including a processor. Display your video endoscope inspections on a screen and save your CND control data. We also provide Windows-compatible endoscopy software that allows you to benefit from advanced features.

Custom-made endoscopes 

Choose the length, diameter and coating of your probe as well as the field of vision, the articulation or the sensor type of your endoscopic camera. Our design office will offer you, after studying the feasibility, the endoscope best suited to your industrial inspection needs. We guarantee the success of your non-destructive testing, even the most difficult ones.


We develop video endoscopes with waterproof and articulated probes up to 160 °. These videoscopes operate either on battery or mains and have many functions essential for non-destructive testings such as sensor interchangeability, optical or digital zoom, light adjustment, photo / video recording. The available diameters range from 3.7 mm to 8 mm and our endoscopic probes can be articulable up to 30 m long, something unique on the market!




These 100% made in Germany inspection products are designed for the visual inspection of large volumes such as tanks, tanks or containers. These inspection cameras are all equipped with non-destructive testing functions such as saving photos and videos, the ability to rotate the camera on itself to observe every detail, and to be able to zoom in .




The best visual rendering you can get during a NDT inspection is undoubtedly a control done through a boroscope or a fiberscope. Indeed, there is no transformation of the image via a signal that could degrade the image here, it is only an optical assembly that allows you to see as with the naked eye tiny details. However you can not record unless you pair it with micro cameras that we offer or to a HD VUVISION endoscope for example.




Contact our technical sales representatives to present your industrial inspection project. Our design office will design the right endoscope for your visual inspection. We master many constraints such as radioactivity, complex geometry, high temperature, pressure and many others. We have more than 39 years of experience in nondestructive testing and more specifically in industrial endoscopy. Indeed, we have accompanied small SMEs to the largest international groups in their endoscopic controls. If you do not find your happiness in our range of endoscopic cameras or our professional endoscopes, know that we are inclined to offer you the best endoscope possible custom.




Rent an endoscope can be useful when you want to test a product cheaply. This makes it possible to compare endoscopes but also to learn how to use them. It may also be a one-time need that does not require an endoscopic camera. We can organize an express rental in 24 hours because we have many videoscopes available such as the VUCAM or VUMAN range but also inspection camera kit such as the endoscopic system MATRIX E3 that you can associate with our cameras : SNK, REVOLVER 80 or BIG.




At FORT Endoscope, we do not treat the client well at the time of purchase, but throughout the life of the endoscope. Our technical sales staff will help you choose the best endoscope for your NDT control but can also advise you during your inspection or train you to use an endoscopic camera. If your endoscope is broken, you can contact our sales representatives to return the damaged professional endoscope to us, and we can repair your endoscope in 2 weeks and send it back to you quickly so that you can resume your inspections. We can lend you a replacement endoscope during the repair time.




We also offer professional endoscopes on sale to suit all budgets. Indeed, if you want to buy a cheap endoscope, you can visit our special promotions page to find a good deal. Do not hesitate to come regularly on this page because it is not uncommon for us to add one or two endoscopes in promotion and they leave very quickly.




FORT is part of the international group viZaar and thus delivers worldwide. We regularly deliver endoscopes in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, Mali, Nigeria, India, South Korea, etc. Delivery in Europe can be done quickly in one or two days.


Discover the video endoscope VUCAM D with interchangeable probes

Opt for the convenient and economical solution for inspection

New articulated camera guide tube

The rigidity of the guide tube will help you to pass very curved angles, thanks to its various accessories of retrieval and to its camera, you will be able to retrieve the foreign bodies.




The new portable videoscope VUCAM XF/XF+

The VUCAM XF/XF+ has a 4 mm diameter probe like the VUCAM AM/AM+ and can be used with tip adapters like the VUCAM XO/XO+.

About FORT

  • FORT is a French manufacturer of videoscopes, borescopes (rigid endoscopes), fiberscopes (flexible endoscopes) and industrial endoscopes. We also offer a quality service and a rental service.

    The video endoscopes we offer are all waterproof. They are grouped into 3 ranges: a large range up to 30 m, a portable and interchangeable range with a CMOS sensor, as well as a versatile range with a CCD sensor. Our cameras are designed to inspect large volumes such as cisterns or tanks with their powerful light and optics. Our rigid and flexible endoscopes can be associated with a camera as well as a light source.

  • Because your needs are not limited to the purchase of an endoscopic camera, FORT is committed to offering you a fast and irreproachable after-sales service. FORT repairs your endoscopic camera as soon as possible. You will benefit from a 3-month parts and labor warranty on each repair performed.

    Our strength is our flexibility: we can design custom-made professional endoscopes to perfectly meet your inspection needs.

    Benefit from our excellent after-sales service!

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